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#362 - I Was Charged with Disorderly Conduct
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I was charged with disorderly conduct. In other words, I was probably wasted or high. My anger problem may have asserted itself again. I may have defied authority once more, refusing to turn down my radio that was disturbing the neighbors. I may have picked a fight with a peaceful protestor, hating what they were protesting. Father, whatever is the case, there is nothing good about this. Where are the fruits of the Holy Spirit in my life? Where is gentleness, kindness, and self-control? Father, sometimes there are situations in our life that test the state of our character. Father, I failed this test. My arrest for disorderly conduct is a siren going off. It is a warning that I'm on a very dangerous path. I'm asking that this arrest and charge will wake me up. Father, get me help. Bring me Your Word and change my heart through it. Bring me a godly mentor. Help me feel Your loving presence when I cry out to You in prayer. Reform my heart. I confess my rebellion and I surrender my life to You. Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit. Father, may I become an example to all around me that You can turn an angry man or woman into a gentle and peaceful giant of faith. Amen.

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