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#368 - I Need More Fun in My Life
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, nature lets us know about who You are. We learn from nature that You are powerful. We learn from nature that You are the God of systems, processes, and order. We learn from nature that You are creative. We can also learn from nature that You are loving. We learn from nature that You enjoy Your people having fun. You created the sun, the ocean, and the sand at the beach. You created the mountain and the snow for skiing. You created the cool walk through the woods as the leaves clap in the breeze. You created the lake upon which we sail our boats. You created the rapids that we navigate down with her canoes. You created the dolphin that leaps out of the ocean. You created the elk that stands majestic on the tundra. You created the baby ducks that follow their mother to the pond. You created the coo of the baby. You created grapes, oranges, tomatoes, bananas, grapefruits, mangos, plums, corn, beans, squash, and potatoes. You created relationships so that we have people to share these things with. You created laughter and designed our faces to smile. Father, am I supposed to go through my life always serious? Am I supposed to go through my life always sad? Am I supposed to go through life never enjoying the smell of roses? Father, there is something wrong with my heart when I am too serious. Am I so caught up in work and the pursuit of my goals that I miss all the pleasures You created for me? Father, forgive me. Help me to enjoy the fun in life You designed for me to enjoy. Amen.

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