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#372 - Cooking
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am now about to prepare a meal. Father, thank You for providing the food, beverages, and spices. Thank You for the utensils. Thank You for the recipe. Thank You for the mind, hands, and feet that can move about the kitchen. Thank You for the appliances and the power to run them. Father, give me skill and wisdom as I cook. May the food be healthy and delicious for those who eat it. Father, no one feel they didn't get enough to eat. Thank You for those who are going to sit at the table. Bless them with this food. Nourish their bodies and refresh their spirits. Father, there are those who would mock this prayer. I sound like a religious fanatic. Seriously? Praying about utensils? Recipes? Come on; get a life. Father, to question the kind of spirit that thanks You for the minor details is to reveal a heart that belittles total submission and surrender to almighty God. Do You control all things? Or just some things? Are there things in our lives that You are too bored to care about? Or do You care about every second of our lives? Can You handle hurricanes, armies crossing borders, Supreme Court deliberations, and whether we put too much oregano in the food? Yes. Father, help me always to default to the attitude that You want to be involved in every detail of my life. Amen.

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