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#381 - The Snow
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, gently falling accumulating snow is a reminder that we need to slow our lives down. Snow slows down our steps. It shuts down offices, closes schools, and cancels events. It forces us to stay at home with loved ones. It allows us to greet our neighbors who we otherwise never see. It keeps cars off the road, allowing us to walk safely down the middle of the street. It engenders thoughts of bonding with those we love, thoughts such as a fire in the hearth, snuggling under blankets, and sipping hot chocolate. Snow allows the child in us to come out and play, making igloos, snow angels, or sledding down a hill. Father, working without rest is a sign we are rebelling from You. We are attempting to be like You, the God who never slumbers. We are trying so hard to prove ourselves to others that we don't take the time to relax, enjoy loved ones, or the beauty of a picturesque winter scene. Father, there are days when we are taking life far too seriously and You send a little snow to keep us home, appreciating the simple things in life. Thank You. Amen.

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