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#385 - Visiting the City - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, the city is filled with people. Thousands pass me by as I walk down the sidewalk. Thousands more work in the buildings throughout the city. Father, You know each human being. You knitted each person in their mother's womb. You have observed every action they have taken. You know every word they have spoken. You know every thought and feeling they have had. You know the heartache they have experienced - as children and as adults. You know each person's character strengths and weaknesses. You know the motivations of every heart. You know the future of every person I see in this bustling town. You know each person's need. You know each person's story. You know all the relationships in each person's life. You have given each person gifts, talents, and skills. You have used experience and adversity in each person's life to shape their character. Father, I am just one person out of eight billion on earth. I'm lucky to know the details of the lives of one to five people. You know everyone. In fact, You have known each one of the 100+ billion people who have ever been born. Father, do I dare challenge You? Do I dare question what You are doing in individual's lives or in the affairs of nations? You are the expert of all experts on human nature. Imagine the history, psychology, and sociology books You could write. Father, Your Word was written to speak into the lives of every human being that has ever been born. Father, the city humbles me today. You are God and I am not. I am just a grain of sand on a long beach. How silly to think the world revolves around me. Father, help me to serve even a few of these people that pass me by on their way to work or home. Help me to touch their lives. Amen.

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