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#388 - Animals
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, thank You so much for creating animal life. Invertebrates. Fish. Amphibians. Reptiles. Birds. Mammals. We delight in the incredible variety of species. Tigers. Lions. Bears. Dogs. Cats. Cardinals. Deer. Cattle. Chickens. Pigs. Turkeys. Rabbits. Dolphins. Sea lions. Elephants. Giraffes. Ostriches. Hummingbirds. Hyenas. Rhinoceros. Coyotes. Eagles. Beavers. Squirrels. Lobsters. Tuna. Monkeys. Porcupines. Camels. Buffaloes. Lambs. Finches. Frogs. Geese. And so many more. They are a testimony to creative design. They are a testimony to a Creator. Father, we love the innocence of animals. We love the playful spirit of their young. We love to watch animal parents nourish and protect their babies. A godly heart doesn't want any animal to suffer. A godly heart races to the aid of any animal in distress. The trait of empathy is nurtured by our love affair with animals. We learn from the presence of animals to put ourselves in someone else's circumstances and imagine how we would feel. Father, may the same empathy that we have for animals extend into our interactions with people. Every human being was at one time an adorable baby, innocent and playful. Father, You can still see us as the infants we were even as we grow old. You love us even more than we love animals. Father, there are godly people who refuse to consume animal products. They may be vegans or vegetarians. There are also godly people who eat meat and consume dairy. Father, may I respect both groups and not lead either group into temptation. However, I do ask that no animal suffers abuse. If animals must die for the nourishment of people, may their death be so swift and complete that they have no time to experience the fear or the pain. Amen.

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