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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
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#46 - Thank You for My Adversity
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, adversity teaches lessons about faith, courage, stamina, and resilience. Adversity teaches lessons about the priorities and values of life. Adversity often forces people to discover hidden talents and skills. Adversity often gives people new missions and purposes to life. Adversity teaches us how powerless and dependent we are on You and others. Adversity teaches us how to be humble, that we aren't as unshakable and self-sufficient as we thought we were. Adversity forces us to take healthy steps to mature or take responsibility that is long overdue. Adversity helps us to be survivors and victors in the battles of life. Adversity is a good friend. Adversity helps us understand, in a deeply personal way, the pain that others are experiencing. When we feel hopeless, we understand when other people feel hopeless. When we feel despairing, we can understand when other people are despairing. When we feel we can't cope with the pain or loss another day, we understand when someone else feels life isn't worth living. If we overcome adversity, we show others that they too can overcome adversity. We can be inspirational. Adversity in my life may draw me to You like nothing else. How do I know someone is truly a devoted friend? When they comfort and support me in my time of need. How else can You give us comfort unless we need to be comforted? Adversity is a special time to reconnect with You. Father, thank You for adversity. Amen.

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