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#7 - I Place My Faith in Jesus Christ
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I used to think sin was no big deal. I disappointed God. I made Him a little mad. Can't He get over it? "Sorry, sorry, sorry" I would say flip-pantly. You were the great grandfather in the sky who always lets things slide. However, now I understand. You are holy. You are perfect and cannot tolerate rebellion. Father, I didn't realize how great You are and how rancid, messy, and slimy my rebellion is. Who are we, as people, to think we can make things right with You by our own puny little actions? Only God can bridge the gap between an almighty God and rebellious man. Only God is the perfect substitute for mankind. Only God can survive the wrath of God. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ, is God. I believe He became man so He could live the perfect life and be that one human being who obeyed You. He represents us before You, having paid the penalty for the sins of mankind. He rose again from the dead (all things are possible with Him who created the world) to confirm that Your wrath was satisfied. He now rightfully rules at Your side. You love Him deeply and You want His name honored and glorified throughout the universe. Every knee will bow before Him, one way or another. I need to repent of my rebellion. Jesus Christ died on the cross for my rebellion. I need to confess that He is God and I am not and that I will serve Him from this point forward. Dear Father, I ask today that You forgive me of all my rebel - lion from You because Jesus Christ received the punishment for that rebellion that I deserved. Cleanse me now of all my rebellious thoughts and help me to surrender my life to You so that I may be in Your presence forever. Amen.

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