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#72 - God Has Rights Too
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, what rights do You have? Maybe I can imagine Your perspective if I try to, gulp, imagine I was God. I created the universe and everything in the world. Oceans, Land. Stars. Sun. Moon. Earth. Flowers. Trees. Animals. Humans. Don't I deserve a little acknowledgment? Doesn't My name belong on the masterpiece? Doesn't My name belong next to the patent? Doesn't My name belong next to the copyright symbol? All of creation is Mine. I deserve all peoples to acknowledge that everything they can see, touch, feel, smell, and hear belongs to Me. I created each person for My purposes. I brought John and Jane into this world because I had things I wanted them to do. I brought them into this world because I wanted to have a personal relationship with them. Now, they forget about Me? Don't they need Me? They have plans for their lives that don't include Me? No, no, no. I didn't make them so they could do their own thing. I made them because I wanted to walk and talk with them every hour of their day, both of us enjoying My caring for their every need as they totally depend on Me. I deserve every human being to devote their life to the purposes that I had when I created them. Father, I surrender my rights to Yours. May I live the rest of my life desiring that You get from me what You rightfully deserve: worship and obedience. Amen.

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