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#9 - I'm Good Enough to Get into Heaven - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, a father and young son are sitting at their kitchen table. The boy asks for a cookie. The father says no. The boy takes the cookie anyway. The boy rebelled against his father. "It's just a cookie, Daddy!" "No, Son. You disobeyed me." "But I'm a good son. I make good grades. I do my chores." "Son, you disobeyed your daddy. I love you but you must be disciplined." "What's the big deal?" "You must respect what I teach you. I am your loving father. You must respect how I guide you. I want only the best for you. My words will keep you out of trouble in life. You must obey me or else you will end up with much sadness in your life. If you believe it is alright to disobey me, you will disobey your teachers, employers, and God. This is about far more than a simple cookie." Father, I have rebelled against You. My rebellion from You is far more serious to You than I have understood. All the other things I do (lying, cheating, stealing, sexual promiscuity, murder, drunkenness, etc.,) come from my defiance of Your authority. Forgive me of my rebellion and help me to surrender my life to You. Amen.

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