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#93 - I Need Emotional Stability
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am emotionally volatile. My emotions change rapidly, a roller coaster ride I don't want to be on. Father, why can't I more effectively control my emotions? Self-control is directly associated with our surrendering our hearts to You. If we have surrendered our lives to You, we can be at peace. We know You are in control and we know You are good. We don't need to be anxious when things go wrong in our lives. You will work everything out for our good. As Paul wrote, we can learn to be content in any situation because of our faith in You. If my emotions are volatile, it reveals that I may not be trusting in You. I may be trusting in myself or other false gods who I know will let me down and, therefore, I am anxious. Father, please forgive me for the rebellion that is associated with my emotional volatility. Help me to be content always. There will be a better day. Things will work out. If something makes me happy, I need to thank You for the moment of laughter and then prepare for a not-so-happy day to come. This is life. Ups and downs. Joys and sorrows. Good days and bad days. You remain the same. You do not change. Your love does not wax and wane. You are there every single minute of every single day. Consistent. Faithful. Devoted. Caring. Engaged. Involved. Providing. Protecting. Delivering. The crowning emotion of a believer in Jesus Christ? Peace that passes all understanding. Father, You are my Rock. The unshakable Rock. My deliverer. My protector. My God. Help me now to be calm and emotionally stable. Amen.

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