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#419 - I Don't Know How to Respond to Another's Disaster
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am crushed by this horrific news. I am speechless. I cannot imagine the suffering someone is going through. I just can't imagine it. Their pain is beyond description. It cannot be explained. How do I comfort them? How do I reason with them? There are no words. Father, I don't even know how to pray for them. Give me the opportunity to show them Your grace, mercy, compassion, and love by serving them in their hour of devastation. No words. Just gifts of service. Give me two ears to listen and keep my mouth shut. May Your love express itself through whatever acts of service I can do for this person. Give them an abundance of Your love, grace, mercy, compassion, goodness, kindness, and generosity. Father, down the road, when there has been healing for them, may they somehow find words to praise You and thank You for the love You are about to pour into their lives. Amen.

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