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#422 - Sympathy for the Wealthy
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, they have it all. Mansions. Summer homes. Winters homes. Expensive cars. Yachts. Airplanes. They make spontaneous plans to travel around the globe without giving it a second thought. They have servants. They go to exclusive parties. They belong to exclusive clubs. They get cozy with the elite and the powerful. They throw out in the trash each day what others crave to own in a lifetime. Father, there are wealthy people who are lost to the false god of riches. They believe that the things of this world are more important than anything else. They believe pleasure is more important than character. They believe personal comfort is a greater virtue than perseverance. They see all that they own and all that they can buy and they deceive themselves into thinking they are little gods. Father, have compassion on these lost souls. It is far better to be a poor man who acknowledges his need for God than it is to be a rich man who ignores the living God. Father, teach me never to be impressed by a man or a woman's extravagance. Give me a heart instead that feels genuine sorrow for them. Father, I ask that You have mercy and teach the wealthy who have forgotten You to understand that they, like everyone else, are rebels from God, doomed to eternal separation from you. Move them to confess, repent, and surrender their lives to you, replacing their longing for pleasure with a longing to serve people in need. Amen.

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