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#430 - Help Me Give Without Expecting in Return
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I often give of my time or resources. However, I want something in return. I give as though it is a debt incurred by the other person. They owe me now. At some point in the future I will cash in my chip and ask them to do something for me because I was so kind to them previously. When they aren't willing to help me, I may feel cheated, as though they are violating an agreed upon contract. Father, this is not Your definition of gift giving. When You give a gift, You expect nothing in return. In Your Kingdom, gifts are given simply for the benefit and enjoyment of the recipient. We are to delight ourselves that the other person is enjoying what we have given them. We are to delight that You are enjoying our generosity to the other person. We are to delight in the maturing of our character, that we did something for someone simply for their benefit and Yours. Father, giving gifts for the sake of receiving something in return is disingenuous. It is manipulative. It is not loving. Please forgive me for all the times I've given gifts with strings attached. Help me now to become a gift giver who gives You honor. May I give exclusively out of love for the other person. Amen

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