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#436 - Someone is Addicted to Smoking - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, someone I know is addicted to smoking cigarettes. It's hard to imagine what their face looks like without a lighter in front of it. Their clothes smell like smoke. Their home smells like smoke. Their car smells like smoke. Their voice is rough. We must continuously visit the convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Every activity we do must have time for smoking. I've breathed in quite a few unwanted cigarettes myself thanks to their habit. Father, their body craves nicotine. Their body has been altered to the extent that it now believes it needs nicotine as much as it needs oxygen, food, and water. They want to quit but they feel the battle with withdrawal symptoms and the risk for relapse are too much for them to handle. Father, help them quit. Take charge of their body. Give them courage and strength to overcome the addiction. They can say no to a cigarette. However, where does the strength come from to fight such an addiction? It comes from surrender to you. They need to confess their rebellion from You and repent of it, just like we all must do. The Holy Spirit will come into their heart and transform their character. They will be blessed with perseverance and courage, two character traits beneficial in their fight to quit smoking. Amen.

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