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#439 - Someone is Confiding in Me
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, someone has come to me and shared a dark secret with me. It is a thought process they have been having for a long time. Unchecked. Unbounded. It is not godly. It has been very destructive to their emotional health. It has been an obstacle to their having a healthy relationship with you. However, today they have shared it with someone and, by Your providence, the someone happened to be me. It is a great responsibility I hold. They have put their total trust in me. I pray Your abundant blessings on them. May the processes they go through lead them to healing, recovery, and a personal relationship with you. I pray for wisdom as they confide in me. Yes, I need to speak godly wisdom into their life. I ask for You to give me such insight. I believe the most effective service I can give to this person is to simply listen and love. Listen and love. Listen and love. Listening is the loving thing to do. Love is what will truly lead to their spiritual healing. No lecture or words of wisdom can change a life like love can. No matter what dirt you share with me; no matter how messy your thought life is, God loves you. He cares. He will not reject you. Neither will I. Father, unconditional love in response to the sharing of a dark shameful secret can awaken belief that You are loving. Once that seed has been planted, that person will be on the path to spiritual and emotional healing. Father, help me to truly love the person who has confided in me. A compassionate love that listens. Amen.

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