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#442 - Help Me Fulfill My Promises
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we need one another. Not one of us is God. We are all mortal. None of us has complete knowledge, total wisdom, or omnipotence. None of us has total access to all resources. None of us are sovereign. We are all weak, broken, and insecure. We need one another. I need people and people need me. Your Word tells us that we are to love strangers, especially those who are lying on the side of the road, broken and beaten. We are to get involved with other people's lives when we see them hurting and we can do something about it. However, when we commit ourselves to someone else by saying words like I'll help you, we are now working under a promise. An oath. We are now involved. We are now responsible. The other person is depending upon us to deliver what we have promised to deliver. We must come through. We must be dependable. Father, few things are more important to You than the integrity of a promise. When we say we will do something, we must carry that out and do it. The promise has become an obligation. Father, help me to be careful before I promise to help anyone. I don't want to break my promise. It is wonderful to be spontaneously compassionate. Let me help people in the moment without needing to give them a promise. If I must put off my good work, may I promise to do only what I can do, based on my skills, time, and money. May I never promise to do something I will not be able to follow through on. If I have promised something, help me to get it done quickly and with excellence. Make me dependable. It will be good for the person I am serving. It will be good for my character. It will honor you. Amen.

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