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#443 - Someone Can't Find Words for Pain
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Father, people in crisis often can't put words to how they feel. It is not simply an issue of an inability to articulate their thoughts. People don't understand their thoughts to begin with. Their mind feels chaotic. There have been times in my life when I also could not make sense of my situation or my feelings. When people asked me to describe how I felt, all that could be heard is the sound of crickets on a summer night. You don't leave us in such confusion when we ask You for wisdom and understanding. You work in our lives, often allowing adversity and suffering to shine the light of truth on the deep waters in our hearts. The problems we deal with have a way of revealing to us what are our inner desires, longings, and hurts. Suffering is a flashlight on our soul. Father, help me to help someone put into words the pain they feel. Help me to share with them my story, my testimony, of Your love. I had such and such feelings. I couldn't make sense of them. However, through my tough times, God opened my eyes. I learned things that I never understood about myself before. Things began to make sense. That understanding gave me the peace I have today. That will happen for you too. As the person in crisis hears my testimony, something clicks. Yes, that's exactly how I feel. That's the emotion I have. Your words make sense. My testimony can speed up the process of healing for others in pain. By sharing my feelings and what You taught me about myself, I can help others identify their own feelings. I can help them avoid further hardship. Father, help me to share my testimony with the people who cannot figure out their own heart. May it open their eyes. Amen.

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