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#444 - Generosity
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, Your Word makes it very clear: a godly man or woman is generous. A generous person will be blessed. The source of that generosity is our thankfulness and gratefulness for the generosity You have given to us. You have given us the greatest gift that can ever be given - forgiveness of our rebellion. With that gift comes a windfall of other gifts, including the presence of the Holy Spirit in this life and the promise of heaven in the next. Thank you. Father, I need wisdom about how to be generous. May I be generous to those who have confessed their rebellion to You and to those who are attempting to live a repentant life. May I be generous to those who are seekers, looking for spiritual answers. May my generosity help them find you. However, may I not be generous to those who are defiantly and purposely living in rebellion against you. My generosity may equip their rebellion, enabling them to continue living their life as their own god. Father, may I not just give of my finances to someone in need. May I also give my time, my skills, my friendship, my knowledge, and my connections. May I engage myself long enough with the person to know they are stable and on the road to recovery. Amen.

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