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#445 - I Can't Handle Criticism / I'm A Perfectionist
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, in a perfect world, I would be, well, perfect. I would make no mistakes. I would have no errors in judgment. However, I do make mistakes and people call me on them. Criticism. I can't stand it. I lose my mind when someone criticizes me. I'm trying so hard to be perfect, people. Stop pointing out that I'm not. Father, only You are perfect. I am a human being. Mortal. Weak. Fragile. Limited. Insecure. I cannot be God. I'm going to make mistakes. I need to accept my limitations because they certainly aren't going to go away just because I deny them. My perfectionism is my fantasy that I can go about each day without you. If I just do everything the right way, You won't be necessary. Please help me to accept my limitations and my lack of perfection so that You can be God and not me. I need You. Therefore, bring on the criticism from wise, mature, and godly people who prayerfully seek Your wisdom and speak lovingly to me. May I then know of my great need for an all-powerful, allknowing, all-wise, and all-loving God to watch over and care for me. Amen.

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