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#461 - I Want Revenge
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I was humiliated by someone and I want revenge. I want to see them suffer. I want them to know that they messed with the wrong person. Blood. Broken bones. Torture. Devastation and total calamity for them. I want to hear them say "You were right and I was wrong. You are superior to me. I am defeated by you. Have mercy on me." I want them to know they better not do anything to anger me again. Father, those are the words of someone who thinks they are a silly little god. The real living God gets justice, not revenge. He disciplines. He proves His point. Calmly. Confidently. He doesn't rant. He makes people aware He is God. He doesn't foam at the mouth. He doesn't get out of control. He knows who He is. However, a human who deceives himself into thinking he is god feels very insecure about it. "Don't people know I'm a god? What if they don't believe me? Oh no. I've got to prove it." Panic. Blood. Broken bones. Torture. Father, forgive me for wanting revenge. I feel silly about this. I'm a mortal. You are God and I am not. You will get justice when Your truth is violated. That's what You care about. Not my ego. Amen.

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