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#465 - Help Me Be More Direct
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I tend to beat-around-the-bush. I'm afraid to say to people what's on my mind. I might offend them and they won't like me anymore. They might think my thoughts are strange or weird, causing them to reject me. Sharing my thoughts might create a conflict, a conflict I simply don't want to have. Father, I may be insecure about who I am. I may lack confidence that my opinion has any validity. I may not understand that You put people into our lives to speak truths to us in love. You may have brought me into this person's life for this moment for me to say what they need to hear. By avoiding what You want me to share, I'm disobeying You and showing I continue to struggle with rebellion. For these reasons, I tend to keep my thoughts to myself. Father, if I have something ungodly to say, my silence is golden. If I'm going to cause someone needless emotional pain, keep my lips sealed. However, if the words on the tip of my tongue will encourage someone in their walk with You, give me the boldness to say it to them. Lovingly. Confidently. Concisely. Directly. Today. Amen.

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