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#466 - Help Me to Stop Gossiping
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I love to talk about other people. I love to find fault with others, to point out their mistakes and weaknesses. I don't like to do that in their hearing. I like to do it behind their back. Father, whenever I gossip, I am expressing my insecurity. I want the attention redirected to other people so nobody will scrutinize me. I fear what people think of me. My standing with other people is a god that I worship. Father, I claim I want to glorify You. The Word tells me that Your power is made perfect in my weakness. I am to boast of my weaknesses and my failings so that You are glorified by how You rescue and strengthen me. Why aren't I talking about myself? Father, there is much wrong with my own heart. It is hypocritical to point out another person's flaws without admitting my own flaws. If You have put a godly concern for someone's struggles on my heart, it is so that I can lovingly speak to them in private. Should I talk about someone else behind their back? Sure. Let me talk about their strengths. Let me talk about Your work in their life. Let me talk with admiration, thanksgiving, and gratitude about who they are. Let me talk about Your love for them. Let me share vignettes of the good things You have led them to do. That is gossip You enjoy. That is gossip that will boost their spirits. Amen.

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