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#467 - Help Me Respect Other Peoples Boundaries
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we are insecure. We lack confidence in our abilities. We lack confidence in our decisions. We are confused about life and we are uncertain what we should be doing. We are stressed with everything on our plates. We are also rebellious from You. We believe we are our own god. We can handle our problems. We can fix the troubles in our life. All of this creates a cauldron of turmoil and chaos. We are on edge, breaking under the strain. Along comes someone who wants to interject their ideas into our life. They are going to tell us what we should be doing or how we should be thinking. They have the answers. They also have the criticism. They are going to detail for us where we have failed. They are going to make demands upon us. It was too much. It came at the wrong time. The person stepped over a line. We explode. Father, forgive me for whenever I have crossed a line and intrusively stepped uninvited into another person's chaos. Father, true Christ-like love is compassionate, generous, merciful, gracious, and thoughtful. It does not critique. It does not judge. It does not have all the answers. It does not invite itself rudely. It does exercise great caution choosing words carefully. True Christlike love speaks far more with action than with words. When someone is in chaos, they need acts of compassion, helping them get things done that they are too stressed to handle on their own. They need someone to listen. They simply need a friend. Father, such kindness is likely to lead the person to ask for help. It is at that time we can prayerfully cross the boundary and humbly give them advice and counsel. Father, help me to love my neighbors as they struggle with chaos and confusion. Help my love for them to lead them to invite me to cross the line and give them advice. Amen.

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