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#469 - I'm Insensitive
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, a small child screams "That's mine, give it back." The same child screams for immediate attention if he or she is not comfortable. In our earliest days, we are 100% self-focused. As we toddle around, we are not so much little angels as little gods. However, as we grow older and experience life, we learn that there are other people in this world besides ourselves. Like us, they have needs. Like us, they have desires. Like us, they have feelings. We learn that to avoid chaos in our society, we need to be respectful of how other people are different than us. We need to connect with them in the many ways that we are similar. We need to be mindful of what other people value. We need to seek to understand their perspective. Sensitivity towards others enables us to discover their pain so that we can minister to them, easing their pain. However, I'm insensitive. I'm more like the toddler whose entire belief system can be summed up with "me, me, me." I don't care about what other people are feeling. I don't care about what they are struggling with. All I know is that I'm not 100% comfortable and, therefore, I'm in crisis. Father, have I not grown up? Have I not matured? Or, have I never let go of the mindset that I am my own little god? Living as though we are our own gods is not attractive. It breeds insensitivity to others. What human being ever thought he or she was his own god who did so for noble desires to serve others? It doesn't happen. Rebellion from You leads to social childishness and immaturity. Father, I need to stop thinking I'm my own god before I will ever become a compassionate and empathetic listener. Growing up is surrendering my rebellion to You. Help me surrender to You today so that I can begin to care about others in need. Amen.

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