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#471 - Resentment Lists
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we have lists of people we give ourselves permission to resent. These lists are simply wrong. They are not of You and they are not from You. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Period. To love as Jesus Christ loves means that a person can do us wrong a million times and we will continue to love them. Love is not what people do for us. Love is what we do for them. We are agents of Yours to deliver to people what You want them to have. The person who has grievously offended us needs the love of God and we are an agent of that love. A list, a record of wrongs, is a statement that our focus is on ourselves and our needs and not upon the people You have brought into our life to love. You bring broken, insecure, confused, and weak people into our lives to love. They will mess up and their mistakes will disappoint us. And You say in response, "so how can You love that person next?" Keeping a list of wrongs that others have done to us is a warning sign. There is something wrong in our hearts. Father, forgive me for any list of resentment I have ever had. Father, forgive me for placing each name on each list. Father, show Your love in abundance today to every person who has ever been on a resentment list of mine. Father, fill my heart with deep love for every one of those dear people. And Father, tear up those resentment lists, not just in my life, but in the life of every believer. Amen.

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