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#472 - I'm Having a Conflict with Someone - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am having conflict with someone who I used to get along with. Father, conflict of this nature is not of You. Christ-like love is unconditional love. We are to love people regardless of what they say or do. We may not approve of their actions or words but our love for them is not to be based on their behavior. In fact, unconditional love is a testimony of Your recipe for healthy relationships. Unconditional love may lead to the transformation of the other person's mind and to a change in their actions and words. Father, help me to love this person unconditionally. All people change. People either grow emotionally and spiritually or they decline emotionally and spiritually. People's stage of life changes. People's current conditions change. Adversities come and go from people's lives. If I love someone conditionally because they are a certain way, I'm certain to fall out of love for that person when their inevitable change comes. Father, I may have conflict with this person because either or both of us have conditional love. Please forgive me for loving them conditionally. Help me to love them for who they were yesterday, who they are today, and who they will become tomorrow. Father, I'm also having conflict with this person because both of us are our own gods. We are both in rebellion from You. I'm the center of my universe. He or she is the center of their universe. These two kingdoms are colliding and we are in conflict. Father, help me repent of my rebellion and surrender to You. When I do, I'll stop being a little god competing with this other person for turf and privilege. We will be half the way there to resolving this matter. Father, help me resolve the conflict with this person today. Amen.

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