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#474 - Someone I Know Loves to Argue
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I know someone who is right about every topic under the son. Politics. Religion. Sports. Weather. Science. Philosophy. Decor. Fashion. Cooking. It matters not what is the topic - they know it all. They will try to reason with me. If that doesn't work, they will club me over the head with their emotions. To weaken my resolve, they will state they have many friends who support their position. They may give me the silent treatment. They may insult me. They may even get violent. They are trying to break down my emotional strength, hoping I will surrender and give them the victory. They are their own god. They must have superior understanding because that is what gods have. Their sense of honor does not come from their character but from their book knowledge. They are foolish because they will sacrifice love for the sake of being right in an argument. Father, You are not like this. You know all truth but You don't have to prove Your point. Time and circumstances will validate you. True love doesn't seek to win an argument. True love seeks to find opportunities to care for people in their time of need. True love seeks to understand the other person's point of view. True love understands a person is impacted by their life experiences. Father, I can't change the heart of this person who likes to argue. However, I can confess my own rebellion and surrender my life to You. Transform my heart through the work of the Holy Spirit. Speak truth to me. Give me a quiet confidence that I don't have to win any argument. I can quietly speak that which is in alignment with Your Word and then watch for my eventual vindication when time and circumstance prove that I was hearing Your voice after all. Amen.

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