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#475 - I've Disappointed Someone - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, someone depended upon me. They counted on me. I promised something I didn't deliver. I was afraid to say no because I was afraid of conflict. I wanted to appease an angry person. I wanted to do anything to reconcile with someone. I was afraid I would lose a friend. Perhaps I was evil, maliciously desiring to hurt someone by deliberately failing to follow through on my promise. Perhaps I was self-centered, changing my mind on a promise after a better offer came along. Father, whatever the reason, I was wrong. I ask for forgiveness for disappointing this person. It is a reminder that I need to confess my rebellion to You. I surrender my life to You. May the Holy Spirit transform my heart, soul, and mind. Make me faithful, self-controlled, and full of integrity. Help me to promise only what I know I can deliver with excellence and to deliver with excellence that which I promise. Amen

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