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#476 - I've Disappointed Someone - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have been told that I disappointed someone. However, I am innocent. I loved them. I sacrificed for them. I served them. I was devoted to them. I was faithful to them. I encouraged them. I supported them. I was generous. I attended to their needs. I even attended their events. I was human and I couldn't do it all. I was human and I grew weary. I was human and I couldn't be there for them every time. For this, I now receive their anger. They speak of their deep hurt. They speak of my poor character. They tell others. They distance themselves from me. They say goodbye. Father, this isn't right. However, I understand that it is so easy for humans to look to other humans to fill their need when they don't trust You will be there for them. Perhaps this person depended upon my faithfulness when they should have depended upon Your faithfulness. Father, help me to have compassion on them. They may not understand what they are doing or what is going on with their heart. Forgive them. Help them come to a moment where they depend upon You as their God with all their heart, soul, and mind. When they do, the Holy Spirit will guide them, helping them to see that humans like me cannot meet the needs of other humans. Father, forgive me for any person in my life I'm putting too much pressure on to be something they cannot be. Help me to turn to You for all that I need and long for. Amen.

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