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#477 - Someone Disapproves of My Decision
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I made a decision that another person does not approve of. Perhaps it was a careless decision. Maybe I didn't do the due diligence, the careful research, or seek the counsel of mentors to come to a decision through reason and logic. However, the most important question is this - did I inquire of the Lord? What should I do, God? Which direction should I go? What is Your will? Show me the decision You want me to make. Father, if the person challenging my decision is a godly man or woman, my failure to inquire of the Lord will be clear to them. Forgive me for thinking I could make this decision without Your wisdom and direction. Help me to surrender my life, my emotions, my thoughts, and my decisions to You. However, if I did inquire of the Lord, if I did ask for Your guidance and direction, then time will reveal that to all who are watching for the results. This other person is not privy to how You privately speak to me and guide me. They cannot see what I see or hear what I hear when You speak to me about my life. Therefore, I pray that I will be patient and persevering, biting my lip until the time it becomes evident I was following Your will. Help me to take the criticism. I pray that those who critique me now will acknowledge they hadn't heard You speak to me and they were not in a position to challenge my decision. Help me not to immediately evaluate the decisions of others. Help me to wait and see what You do in their life. Amen.

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