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#483 - I Need to Understand Someone's Viewpoint
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I don't understand someone. How could they believe what they say they believe? It makes no sense. Father, it would be so easy to just call them crazy and move on from them. However, I believe You bring people into our lives for a purpose. You ask us to love others and a key part of loving them is to try to understand them. It takes work. It takes intention. It takes conversation. It takes time. It takes questioning. Tell me about your key experiences in life. How did you react to them emotionally? Who were the most influential people in your life? What did they believe in? What have you longed for in your life? What longings were fulfilled? How do you feel about the longings you didn't experience? Do you blame anyone for that? Father, I believe You intend our relationships to last longer than they usually do. You expect us to take the time to get to know and understand each other. Such a commitment shows respect for Your sovereignty in the coming and going of people from our lives. There are no coincidences in relationships. We are to be committed to love others through the lengthy process of breaking through the walls and barriers both of us put up. Taking the time to understand people is an exercise in surrender to You. Father, help me to understand other people's viewpoints. Amen.

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