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#498 - I Am a Parent to My Siblings
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, due to situations beyond my control, I ended up being a parent to my younger siblings. Help. I'm just a child myself. What do I know about parenting? I feel overwhelmed. I am confused and lost. I don't have the strength for this. Father, I want to run away from this responsibility. Let my brothers and sisters fend for themselves. You will be with them. Besides, they don't appreciate all I do for them. All the sacrifices I make for them. I'm supposed to be enjoying my friends and my young adult life. Instead, I'm worrying about if they have enough to eat, good clothes to wear, and whether they are safe at night. Father, I long to have emotionally healthy parents who are present and committed. I feel so insecure. There is no shortcut for gaining wisdom from life experiences. You can't read about life in a book. Spiritual and emotional maturation comes from dealing with, battling, and overcoming the struggles of life. However, I didn't have time for that. I had to jump into a role of someone mature when I know, truthfully speaking, that I'm immature. If my parents were around to teach and train me about life, maybe I wouldn't have to learn about life the hard way. However, they didn't do that. This just isn't fair. I want to someone to pick me up like my little brother expects of me. Father, help me. This is beyond my ability to handle. I need wisdom. I need strength. I need direction. I need You to do for me, and my siblings, things I can't do for them. I need You to watch over them and protect them. I need You to provide for them. I need guides and mentors, mature godly people who can help me make sense of this life. I need people who sit down beside me and help me process papers or even talk to my obnoxious little sister. Father help. Amen.

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