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#501 - My Loved One Overdosed
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my loved one has overdosed. They were found in their home or on the street. Concerned neighbors called for medical assistance. They are in the hospital in intensive care. Father, their heart rate may have slowed or sped up. Their blood pressure may be dangerously low or high. Their brain or vital organs may have gone without oxygen. They may be unconscious. They may be having seizures. Their brains could die. They could die. Father, You are God. You created them. You know every cell in their body. You can touch them this very moment and calm the storm in their body. Father, protect their lives. Protect their brains. May they wake one more time and recognize my face. Stabilize their heart rate and blood pressure. Save their organs.Please make this experience scare them out of their minds. May it be the wakeup call they needed. May they cry out to You for forgiveness for the rebellion in their hearts. May they say You are the only true living God. May they trust Your character. May they discard the idols in their life. May they find what they are looking for in You. Father, it may be ordained by You that they don't wake up. They may have already passed. They may be permanently disabled. Father, help me if this is true. I cry out for Your mercy, compassion, and love. Comfort me. Deliver me through this nightmare. May my loved one's overdose scare others into getting their lives right with God. I ask that when the dust has settled that there are amazing testimonies that come out of this horrific moment. Now, please help me to get some rest in the waiting room. Amen.

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