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#502 - My Dad or Mom Died
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

God, my dad or mom died. Really? What? This must be a horrible joke? This can't be true. This must be a nightmare I'll wake up from. No, it isn't a nightmare. It's life. My parent died. Why? How could You do this to me? I hate You for this. Why didn't You protect them? Why didn't You spare their life? I'm so young. I need a daddy. I need a mommy. They tucked me in every night. They made me laugh. They let me cry on their shoulder. They took me places and did things with me. I could run home to them when I was scared or hurt and they comforted me. I felt safe. They provided for me every day. Now they are gone and it's Your fault. Everybody has a father and mother but me. My surviving parent is crying all the time. He or she is overwhelmed and can't handle this. I feel like I've lost both parents. My siblings are suddenly different. They don't know how to deal with this anymore than I do. We feel ostracized. We are that family that had disaster happen to it. Stay away from them. My missing parent can't help me with my homework, come to my games, check out my date, or see my prom dress. They can't help me apply to college, come to my graduation, give me away on my wedding day, or bounce my baby on their knee. Father, what on earth can You say to me? Father, when our surviving family cried out to You for help, You bathed us in Your love. You sent people into our lives who were compassionate, empathetic, merciful, generous, gracious, kind, and loving. You helped us get through the ordeal of the loss. You strengthened each one of us. You brought us all closer together. You equipped my surviving parent with special parenting gifts to compensate for our missing parent. Father, the key is that we cried out to You, acknowledging You alone are God and You alone can get us through this nightmare. I still don't know why dad or mom died. I still hurt. However, I know once more that You are good. Thank You for the memories. Amen.

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