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#503 - My Parent Is Addicted
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my dad or mom has an addiction. They are always sick or tired. I find this weird stuff in their hands that they try to hide from me. They don't eat like they used to. They leave the house and hang out with strange and scary people. When they kiss me, it's like gross - bad breath. They are always sweating and slimy too. They are so moody - one moment they act like life is wonderful and then the next they are smashing things and threatening us. They talk about this weird stuff. What in the world are they talking about? They act like a little child, so immature and irresponsible. I feel sorry for them when they get depressed. I cry, telling them life is worth living. They think everyone is out to get them. They don't remember anything I talk to them about and they forget major events in my life. They ask me for money. I've seen them arrested by the police and they disappear for a while. Mom and Dad can't stand each other anymore. Because of all of this, my life is hell. I have no parents to speak of (my other parent is a little preoccupied). I'm left to deal with the problems of life on my own. I'm terrified of my own parent and there is nothing safe and secure about my home. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my family. The problems my parent has created in their life have become mine (legal, financial, etc.,). I sure don't feel their love. Everything is all about them. Father, I am a child in a great need of a loving and stable parent. It must be You. I can't change my parent but You can change me. I don't want to end up like them. I've rebelled from You trying to be my own god. I've doubted Your character. I've worshipped other things. Forgive me. I surrender. Save me from a life of hell created by the rebellion of my parent. I want to feel loved and safe in life and that must come from You. Please. Amen.

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