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#506 - My Sibling Was Abusive
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I cannot escape this bully. They are not in the schoolyard. They live at home with me. My older sibling is supposed to be someone I look up to. They are to protect me and care for me. They are to teach me the things they've learned and help me stay out of trouble. When the schoolyard bully comes to call on me, my big brother or sister is supposed to be there to chase the bully away. However, the bully in my life is my sibling. They abuse me emotionally, physically, and sexually. What did I ever do to deserve this? My parents refuse to acknowledge this as a problem. "Oh, that's what older brothers/sisters do. It's normal. You both will grow out of it. Boys will be boys. Sisters fight all the time." My parents remind me of how well respected my sibling is outside the home. They leave me at home with my sibling and put them in charge. I'm terrified. I'm their slave. I'm told how horrible I am. I'm punched and kicked. Sometimes my hair is pulled. I've caught them watching me undress. They walk in when I'm changing my clothes. They've touched me in my privates when they thought I was sleeping. They threaten me to not say anything or they will kill me. I hate them. I hate this family. Life is unfair. I'm depressed and anxious. I want to stay away from the home as much as possible. I'll find friends who will care about me and watch over me. I don't care how delinquent they may be. Drugs. Alcohol. Whatever. I just want a caring family. I'll run away from this if I must. I'm not going to do anything my sibling has done such as sports, choir, National Honor Society, etc.,. Father, where are You? Could You please rescue me? I believe You are a good God. You defend the innocent. You desire justice. Please help me. I want to feel safe at home and in my own family. Is there anything that is blocking my prayer life with You? Forgive me of my own rebellion from You. Help me to surrender my life to You. May the Holy Spirit give me the strength of heart, soul, and mind I need to survive and overcome this abuse. Can You change my sibling? I must relate with them all my life. I'd rather we get along. I'd rather be proud of how You change them into a man or woman of God. Please show yourself as the true God and perform a miracle. Amen.

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