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#507 - My Family Was Dysfunctional
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my family is dysfunctional. We don't like each other. My parents hate each other. My siblings and I hate our parents. My siblings and I hate each other. Criticism, insults, and screaming are the norm for our family communication. Doesn't every family keep a mop and dustpan in every room to clean up smashed lamps and dishes? We carry out broken furniture to the curb at least once a month. We long to stay away from the home, so much so that we compare which friend's house has the most comfortable couch. When we are at home, we keep to ourselves and escape from the misery by headphones. Father, I long for a family and that makes me vulnerable to joining gangs. You intended families to be Christ-centered, where each member loves Your Son and from that love flows love for the others. You intended the members of a family to find their security and their value in You so they don't put demands for these things upon each other. You intended the family to give us the character strength we need to deal with the world outside our home. I am scarred, emotionally and spiritually from this dysfunction. I've learned poor ways to relate with others and I fear for my relationship with my future spouse and children. Father, rescue my character. I know that the only way I can heal is for the Holy Spirit to produce love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, compassion, mercy, grace, and generosity in my heart. How do I get the Holy Spirit to do His work? By confessing I am a rebel from You. Father, forgive me. I ask that when Jesus Christ died on the cross He paid the penalty for my rebellion. Help me to surrender to You. Now, may Your Spirit rescue my heart from the damage this dysfunctional family had on me. May they see the change in me and may that be the spark of healing my family needs. Amen.

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