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#518 - I Hate Mother's Day - Version 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I wanted so much to have a baby. I've been dreaming about it since I was a little girl. What would it be like to be pregnant? First trimester visits to the obstetrician. Second trimester planning the nursery. Third trimester baby showers. How would I feel when the baby kicked? How would I bond with the baby during the pregnancy? How would my heart melt when I saw the baby for the first time? What would it be like to nurse for the first time? What would it be like when everyone came over to see my baby? What would it be like to be a young mother? How will I take care of the baby through their toddler years? Elementary school? Middle school? High school? How will I feel when the baby grows up to be an adult? What will it be like to be a grandmother? My girlfriends are mothers. But not me. I cannot have children. I've never had a baby and I never will. I hate Mother's Day. It's a celebration of everything I always wanted but cannot ever have. Why, Father? Why me? Why am I even a woman? For this? Father, You have said no to my having children. However, You have said yes to joy and peace. The pain of not having children does not have to consume me. You offer me freedom from my emotional pain by trusting that You are good, even when I am childless. Father, help me to trust You because I'm tired of the deep pain tearing at my heart. Give me peace and rest of soul and spirit. You have also given me a story to comfort other women. You let this happen to me so that they can experience Your deep love for them. Thank You for the ministry. May I enjoy spiritual children. Amen.

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