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#519 - I Hate Mother's Day - Version 3
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I miss her so much. She was my best friend. Sharing dreams of becoming a woman. Puberty. My school crushes. Slumber parties. Shopping for clothes and shoes. My grandmother's locket. My BFF said something behind my back. My first date. My first kiss. Cruelty of classmates. We would fight about my makeup, my hair, the length of my skirt, or how long I was out the night before. I screamed at her and did things she hated just to annoy her. She cried with me when my boyfriend broke up with me. She fussed about my wedding dress and the flowers on the tables at the reception. She was there as I nursed my baby for the first time. Oh, I miss her. Why did she have to die? I need her hug today. She had a way of comforting and reassuring me. I miss her so much. Father, I understand that death is a part of life. I understand that the price every human must pay for our rebellion from You is physical death. She was inevitably going to die, just like I will one day. Please comfort me. Please wipe away my tears. Please give me a thankful and grateful spirit, one that celebrates the memories I had with her. I thank You that You used her to make me the woman I am today. Father, help me to be the kind of mother that my children will cherish. I thank You for her example. Amen.

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