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#520 - I Provide Care for My Aging Parent
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am now caring for my aging parent. They took care of me when I was a newborn and toddler. They took care of me through elementary, middle, and high schools. They took my calls when I needed encouragement (and money) in college. They helped me to adjust to adult life and becoming a parent myself. Now, they are in physical and mental decline. It has profoundly changed our relationship. I'm now the one who is the caretaker and they are now the one who is the dependent. Father, in certain ways, I am now the adult and they are now the child. I must supervise their care with their support team at the assisted living or nursing home where they live. I must become the power-of-attorney for their finances, their property, and their legal affairs. Father, this is exhausting. I have my own busy life. I have a spouse. I have children. I have a career. I am involved in my community. I have other relationships I need to attend to. However, I know I cannot walk away from my parent. I am to honor You by honoring them. They were faithful to me. I must be faithful to them. I simply ask for emotional strength, incredible persevering emotional strength. I must wear many hats in my life and one of those hats includes caring for my aging parent. Father, forgive me of all my rebellion from You, in the name of Jesus Christ. I don't want anything blocking Your blessings in my life during this challenging time. I need the strength of the Holy Spirit in abundance. Therefore, forgive me. Help me to surrender my life to You. When I do, I'll be strong enough for the responsibilities I am to persevere through. Thank You, Father. Amen.

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