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#525 - The Family Was Meant to be An Anchor
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have had several seasons in my life. There was childhood. I had a set of friends in the neighborhood and at school. There was college. I had roommates and dormmates. There was my life as a single professional. I'd go out with men and women from work for drinks and parties. I married and my spouse and I settled into new couple relationships. We had children, getting to know the parents of our children's playmates. Now, through divorce or the passing of my spouse, I am once again single. This time, my single friends are older and more mature with more pedestrian interests. Friends have come and friends have gone. I've had several best friends in my lifetime, people with whom I've lost touch. Who remained consistent through each one of these seasons of life? My parents, my siblings, and my extended relatives. The family was designed to be an anchor in our lives. Our father, mother, brothers, and sisters are designed to help us manage the seasons of life. While people come and go, our family stays by our side. Why do we alienate our families? Why do we hold on to bitterness? To reject our family relationships is like going to sea without a rudder. Father, is their dysfunction in my family? Forgive me for my part in that. Help me to now become a peacemaker. Help me to do what I can to restore the family. Father, that task is greater than what I can do on my own. I need Your strength and wisdom. Father, please heal my soul and then use me to heal my family. Amen.

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