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#527 - I Need More Godly Friends
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, a godly friend: - Challenges me to be more like Jesus Christ. - Is a godly coach and a mentor. - Encourages me to be my best in all areas of my life. - However, such a godly friend, if I am blessed to have one, is not available all the time. There are times they cannot be there to pick up the phone, get together for coffee, or reply to my text messages. Therefore, I need more godly friends. I also need friends of diverse interests. Each friend interacts with me in a unique way and can see things in our unique connection that others cannot see. I may have a friend who loves my interest in poetry. Only that friend will see the deep feelings that I express only through my poems. Another friend, interested in hiking, may see a side of me that is expressed only when I am in the woods. Father, I need a friend to connect with each area of my life where I reveal my heart. In that special place, they can speak into my heart, challenging me to grow. Each friend has a unique role in my life and, therefore, each friend is special. Father, please bring me more friends today. Godly friends. Friends that connect with me in an area of my interest where no other friend is connecting with me. Amen.

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