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#532 - A Loved One is Hospitalized
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my loved one has been admitted to the hospital. They are a bit frightened and anxious. I pray that not only will they heal physically, I pray You will heal them emotionally and spiritually. May their stay in the hospital be a time where they contemplate life and death, purpose and meaning, the quality of their character, and their relationship with You. Father, help them to confess to You whatever they need to confess. Help them to repent from any rebellion they may have in their heart. May the Holy Spirit comfort them and instruct them. Give them wisdom and understanding as they reflect on their life. Father, I ask that the medical team delivers only the best of care, accurately diagnosing their ailments, effectively treating them, and doing so with empathy. Take care of the financial costs for their hospitalization. Help me to be their advocate. An advocate makes sure they are comfortable. An advocate makes sure the medical team is doing an excellent job, asking questions and taking notes. An advocate makes sure their personal affairs are properly attended to. Help me to manage their visitors, making sure there is a balance between visitations by their friends and family and quiet time for them to rest. Father, please help me be an agent of Your love for them while they remain hospitalized. Amen.

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