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#535 - My Parents Are Getting Divorced - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my parents are getting divorced. My universe has been turned upside down and inside out. I'm going to have to cooperate with what the court determines for custody, visitation, and child support. - I'm going to lose one of my parents from my daily life. - My custodial parent is going to be dealing with the loss of the marriage and the struggles of being a single parent. - My parents may get involved in new relationships. - I feel a deep brokenness in my life. I'm embarrassed and ashamed. - My friends are not sure what to say or how to interact with me, especially my friends who have never experienced divorce. - I'm going to lose time with friends because it is visitation time. - My parent's hate one another. Who am I going to spend the holidays with? - We are now in financial crisis. This is going to impact my relationship with my boyfriend or girlfriend. - I feel anxious and worried about the future. - I feel guilt that I couldn't save my parent's marriage. - I feel angry that my parents put their own needs above my needs. Father, I am asking for Your help. I need comfort, peace, and hope. I need wisdom and insight. I need maturity beyond my years. I don't want to be scarred by this, unable to have a healthy relationship in the future. I need to be cooperative with both of my parents, not taking sides. How can I do all this? I need the Holy Spirit to work in my heart. I need to confess my sin and surrender my life to You. Your Holy Spirit will begin to transform my heart and mind. Father, I ask that You lead my parents to a place where they can get along together for their child. I ask that they do their best to give me as normal a life as possible. I ask that at least one of my parents surrenders their life to You so that they can be the strong parent I need in my life. Father, please be near to me during this very difficult time. Amen.

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