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#537 - My Parents Are Getting Divorced - Part 3
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my parents are getting a divorce. I am relieved. Father, I know divorce is not something You like. In fact, Your Word says You hate it. Marriage is intended to be an example of the relationship between You and humans. Loving. Trusting. Emotional and spiritual intimacy. However, my parents' marriage was nothing like that at all. In fact, I'd call it hell. It was physically and emotionally abusive for every member of the family. I blame much of it on the unfaithfulness, addiction, alcoholism, or plain and simple evil of one of my parents. While my other parent is not perfect, he or she is the victim. I witnessed them attempt to repair the relationship. I witnessed them trying to save the family. However, my abusive parent was not interested. Therefore, I am thankful today for my parent's divorce. Things are calmer in the home. Those of us who are survivors of the abuse are bonding and supporting one another. I've watched my parent, the victim, turn to You, surrender their life to You, and they are changing. They are becoming more at peace. They are becoming stronger. They are more content. They are more loving and understanding. I'm thankful that one of my parents has become a role model for me because the divorce has set them free from spiritual bondage. Father, thank You for that. I ask that You help me follow in their footsteps, surrendering my life to You. Please strengthen my parent who was victimized. Make them an amazing man or woman of God. I'm so proud of how they are dealing with this. Amen.

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