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#538 - I Admire My Parent's Relationship
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I want to thank You for my parent's relationship. There are so many people out there who are either children of a divorce or they are children of dysfunctional marriages. I thank You that by Your grace I am a child of my parent's healthy marriage. What makes their relationship healthy? It is Christ centered. Both of my parents came to the realization that they were rebellious from God. They wanted to be their own gods. They doubted You. They worshipped other things. They confessed their rebellion and they surrendered their lives to You. They wanted You to be the God of their lives. Father, when we make that decision, the Holy Spirit transforms us. He gives us a heart of compassion, love, kindness, generosity, grace, mercy, forgiveness, patience, perseverance and devotion. My parents wanted to love each other because doing so expressed their love for You. They understood love is a choice. From that decision grew their emotional intimacy. They became best friends, enjoying each other's company year after year. They enjoyed spending time together, sharing affection, giving gifts to each other, complimenting each other, and serving each other. They challenged each other to grow in You, making both prayer and study of Your Word central to their daily life together. They made a difference in the lives of many people because of the strength of their relationship. The children considered themselves blessed and grateful for their influence in our lives. Father, help my spouse and I to surrender our lives to You. We mess up our marriage trying to be our own gods. Thank You for the example of my parents. Amen.

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