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#540 - A Loved One Is Homeless
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, a loved one is homeless. There can be only one response from me - I've got to go find them and get them off the street. I've got to take them in. If I don't live in their region, I need to make calls and get a ministry somewhere to take them in. I cannot sit back and do nothing. It is dangerous for them on the street. Father, they may be on the street because of drug and alcohol addiction. They may be on the street because of foreclosure on their home. They may be on the street because their family of origin was poor. They may be on the street because they've been too proud to receive welfare or the help of others. They may be on the street because of mental illness. They may be on the street because of disabilities that prevent them from working and they can't afford medical care. Father, I need to thank You I am not in their situation. That gratefulness should cause me to act. As has been said, "but for the mercy of God there go I." Father, help me to get them permanent shelter. Help me to connect them with counselors, therapists, and advisors. Help me to help them obtain job skills and an education. Father, give me a spirit that longs to pray for them throughout every day. How many times do we say we will pray for people but never do? Maybe their homelessness is, in part, schooling for the transformation of my character. Father, I do need to be careful. They may seek to take advantage of my generosity. I need to establish boundaries. If they refuse to take the steps to improve their life, I may need to let them go. That may be the tough love they need. Father, I don't know what is best for them but I do know You are calling me to be compassionate. Father, make me compassionate this day. Let's begin by getting this dear soul off the street and into a safe place for them to sleep tonight. Amen.

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