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#541 - My Family is Dealing with My Incarceration
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am in prison. I know this is hard on my family. It's embarrassing. It's very depressing for them. This may be so hard on them that they have chosen to disown me. As much as that hurts me, I need to understand that is the only way they know how to handle this. I also need to understand that my family may have crises in their own lives that exhaust them of their time and emotional resources. Father, I pray that someone from my family will have the spiritual health and emotional and personal stability to reach out to me faithfully. I need emotional support from the outside. This is prison. Gangs. Drugs. Power struggles. Fear. The worst character traits of human nature are found inside these walls. I know that You are greater than these things. You can give me emotional and spiritual strength behind bars. I need to confess my rebellion from You. I need to surrender my life to You. I need the Holy Spirit to begin to transform my heart and soul, generating the fruits of the Spirit which are revealed by how I live my life in here. Father, may Word get out to my family of how I am a new man or woman in Christ. May they see it is genuine and authentic. Father, may they then bathe me with prayer every day. May they visit me faithfully. May they write letters to me giving me hope and helping me to feel loved and cared for by people outside the prison. May they encourage me to attend worship services. May they follow-up with my progress as I seek to get in shape, get an exercise, and earn an education. May they pray that I will stay out of trouble with both the prison administration and with fellow prisoners. May they help me financially as much as they can afford. Finally, may they help me plan for a successful release from prison and a fresh start as an upstanding citizen. I need them to support me. That's what I'm asking You to do today. Amen

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