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#542 - My Friends Talked Me into Taking Drugs
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I had heard all the public service announcements. "Don't take a drug even for the first time. It will lead to a drug problem." Whatever. That won't happen to me. One day I was frustrated with life. My parents had infuriated me. My boyfriend or girlfriend wasn't talking to me. I had done poorly on a major exam. I was being bullied in school. I was walking by the football field and some of my classmates, who also felt rejected at school, were smoking some weed behind the bleachers. They called me over. Having already become accustomed to beer and cigarettes, I gave in to their invitation and I smoked my first joint. And then I had some more. A few days later, I visited one of the guys at his locker and asked if they were going to be smoking after school. Yup. I joined them. We wanted more of a high than what we were getting with the marijuana. Hello prescription drug abuse, heroin, cocaine, meth, and ecstasy. Hello total collapse of my life - relationships, finances, health, and my future. Father, it was true. It took just the first blunt to set me on a catastrophic spiral into destruction. However, the public service announcement didn't explain the real reason my first experience behind the bleachers was so devastating. It was because I choose something other than You to get me through all my emotional pain. It was like two open doors. You are standing in one and drugs is standing in the other. I chose the drugs and rejected You. Father, this isn't just about drugs. It's about any situation in life where people choose something other than You to solve their problems. Disaster follows.Father, please forgive me for choosing a false god rather than You. I confess and repent. Please help me now to surrender to you, to get clean, and to restore my life. I'd choose joining a Bible study on the bleachers today. Amen.

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